Citroen feel good service for cars 3 years+ only for €139

If your Citroën is more than 3 years old, you might be looking for affordable options to service your car. Citroën’s Feel Good Service is available for passenger cars for only €139* and is designed to be simple and convenient.

Having your car serviced with us means our expert Citroën trained technicians will carry out a comprehensive 23-point check covering all of the most important parts of your car, including: Tyres, Lighting, Wipers, Brakes, Software updates, Exhaust, Battery, Steering and Suspension. And we’ll also check and top up your fluid levels up to 500ml. This includes essentials such as oil, screenwash, coolant, power steering and brake fluid. There’s also free fitting for replacement bulbs** and wipers, and we only use Citroën Original and Approved Parts.

*Terms and Conditions apply

What's included in your 23 point check

GENERAL - Check for (and action) any outstanding manufacturer technical updates
REPLACE - Engine Oil, Engine oil filter
LEVELS (check & top-up if required) - Battery level (if fitted with removable cap) – condition and charge, Coolant level check, Front / rear screen wash, Power steering fluid, Gearbox oil
SAFETY CHECK & INSPECTION - Brake Fluid Check, Brake pad and disc wear (front and rear), Hub, rod, ball joint and joint clearance check, Dampers sealing check, Brake callipers and hoses, check Lights, lighting and signalling operation check, Rubber boots & gaiters, Tyres – front & rear tread depth & pressure, (inc. spare wheel or expiry date of Tyre Repair kit), Horn Check, Handbrake and parking brake check, Ancillary drive belts condition check, Shock absorbers
ENVIRONMENTAL CHECK - Visual inspection of exhaust system (lines and fixings)
FUNCTION & VISUAL CHECK - Wiper blades condition and operation check (wash-wipe), Windscreen washer jets.